Join the club. In 1730, Henry Burmester and John Nash founded Burmester & Nash in London, a cereal trading company. Later in 1750, they moved to Vila Nova de Gaia and began shipping Port wine to the British Isles and the rest of Europe. The family name is originally from the small city of Moelln in the north of Germany, deriving from the word “Burgomestre”, meaning head of the municipality. At the end of the 18th century, the company was dissolved and Henry Burmester junior established a new Port wine company alongside his two sons, Frederick and Edward – H. Burmester & Sons. In 2005, the Sogevinus Group acquires the company and makes the bridge between all the existing centuries of tradition and the latest technologies, never forgetting the distinctive characteristics of the several company’s wines, recognized and followed since 1750. With this acquisition, the Sogevinus Fine Wines guarantees a higher scope of action, by offering a higher and diversified range of wines to its customers, being able to respond quicker to the market needs.


Vila Nova de Gaia