Castello di Albola

Unmatchable scenery, historical remains that date back to the Middle Ages, villas and castles of exceptional beauty and hillsides adorned with vineyards: it is in the midst of such surroundings – in the heart of Chianti Classico – that we find Castello d’Albola, built in the 15th century by the Acciaioli and transformed during the Renaissance into a splendid country estate. The property of the Zonin family since 1979, Castello d’Albola, which stretches out over an area of 850 hectares of which 157 are vineyards, once belonged to Tuscany’s most aristocratic families: the Acciaioli, the Samminiati, the Pazzi and the Ginori Conti. The castle’s historic underground cellars, the (still intact) mediaeval hamlet and the new winery – an authentic gem of avant garde architecture – form an unforgettable destination for wine-loving tourists.