Château de la Chaize

The largest estate producing Beaujolais wines, Château de La Chaize, located on the Monts du Beaujolais, in Odenas, is the best-known and largest property in southern Burgundy, with 99 uninterrupted hectares of vines.

Château de la Chaize alone accounts for 8% of the total production of Brouilly, one of the ten Beaujolais crus, renowned for its elegance.

Château de La Chaize is one of the few estates of this importance that has remained in the hands of the same family.
In 1967, the Marquise de Roussy de Sales and her husband undertook the task of restoring the buildings and the château, modernizing the production facilities and rehabilitating the vineyard.

These efforts were rewarded in 1972, when the entire site, including the château, cellar and gardens, were classified as historic monuments.