Château de Pizay

Since the Middle Ages the fine wines of the Château de Pizay have been appreciated by Beaujolais-lovers. Noble descendants of the aristocracy of selected Crus and vinified with every respect given to tradition, these wines are tasted all over the world.

The 75 hectares of vineyards that surround the château produce are in several different appellations :
22 Hectares of Morgon- The flagship of the vineyard, this full-bodied, robust and powerful wine is readily distinctive through the splendour of its garnet-red robe and strong personality allowing it to be kept for year upon year.
5 Hectares of Régnié - The tenth cru of  the Beaujolais, Château de Pizay owns a share-cropping that produces archetypal wines which stand out thanks to their raspberry aromas.

The entire harvest is vinified, aged and bottled at the Château.