A. de Luze et Fils

In the 18th Century, Baron Alfred de Luze founded Maison A. de Luze & Fils, specialising in the maturing of great Bordeaux wines. A visionary and a skillful negotiator, Baron De Luze was one of the pioneers who developed the Bordeaux wine import/export trade.

In addition to its international network, Maison De Luze acquired a number of Bordeaux châteaux .

With its premises on the famous Quais des Chartrons, in the centre of Bordeaux, Maison De Luze matured its wines, traditionally aged in the best oak.

The house has maintained its know-how as part of “Grands Vins de Gironde”. Historically focused on exports, De Luze products continue to expand across international markets, but also enjoy a solid network in France.